Pint Glass Advertising

Free Pintglasses For Your Restaurant

Pint Glass advertising is JamnProduction’s newest endeavor and it’s proving to be the most popular one thanks to the guaranteed exclusivity for you in your business sector. With Pint Glass locations across Massachusetts and Rhode Island, we offer local advertising for your local business. The pint glasses are printed in 2 color (typically white or black, and another color) and a standard ad size is 1.75in by 1in. Each restaurant or bar we work with has anywhere from 24 to 40 dozen pint glasses that could showcase your business for a 6 month run. The pint glasses are baked at over 600 degrees and we pay more to ensure we have the highest quality glasses we can get. Will your ad last? Just ask any of our restaurants and even after daily use they’ll tell you the ads are as clear as day one!