Placemat Advertising


Placemat advertising is an effective & inexpensive way to keep your business in front of thousands of potential customers in your local area.

  • Your advertisement will run for 4 full months in the locations of your choice.
  • Your placemat ad will impact your audience daily.
  • Patrons of the restaurant / food establishment have your advertisement directly in front of them while waiting for their food.
  • Exposure is guaranteed!
  • We do exclusive category advertising so you don’t have to worry that your competitor will be on the same placemat as your business.
  • Our graphic design services are available to you at a nominal charge or you can upload your existing artwork.
  • We will create your ad to your specific business needs.

You can reach thousands of potential customers within the four months that your advertisement runs. Placemat advertising is a great low cost advertising method to expand your business in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and areas relative to your business. Your placemat advertisement will impact your audience an average of 20 – 25 minutes, and often times even longer.

Compared to a radio or television commercial, that’s up to 1000% the amount of time! A restaurant’s natural, warm environment is the perfect location to reach those potential customers with disposable income, and promote your business.
Placemat advertising is an inexpensive method and the return on investment (ROI) is often HUGE! In fact a very high percentage of our advertisers are repeat advertisers and they run their ad again after the six-month period is up! If you want to make a lasting impression on your target audience, the specialty placemat is an effective advertising supplement to our existing publications produced here at JamnPromotions.

In today’s economy, doing what’s right for your business is key. Allow us at JamnPromotions to help build your business today. Please call us at today for a personalized business evaluation at 774-242-5297.