Promotional Products

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Visit the partner site for thousands of promotional products, with pricing and details all at the click of your mouse!

We offer a full line of promotional Products offered for your viewing at the attached link – – This allows you to view thousands of various items – from mugs to T-Shirts to key chains to various awards – the list is endless. All this with complete data regarding pricing, imprint area, turn-around time, special instructions, etc. – and no “salesman” standing over you. Order any item(s) of your choice by selecting, at your leisure, your very specific and desired option – then contact us for placing your order. Simple, convenient and no pressure. AND IF YOU DON’T FIND YOUR ORDER THERE WE HAVE ACCESS TO OVER 350,000 PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS WITH OVER 1000 DIFFERENT VENDORS AFFILIATED WITH K & B.


Promotional Products Division Includes 3500 Items on, over 100,000 items available through our affiliated partners and suppliers as well as our own personal items that carry TM rights to print and distribute.

Call 774-242-5297 or email us at

Everything is available to order directly from this site, with complete privacy and credit-card security, and shipped directly to your specified location. Events or Groups can have their T-Shirts, or any other type of sportswear clothing or outerwear, drop-shipped to any location desired.